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Arriving in Albany/Kinjarling | Albany Pride Festival
Arriving in Albany/Kinjarling
Information about accomodation and getting around.

What public transport is available in Albany/Kinjarling?

We’re going to have to level with you, here: public transport in Albany/Kinjarling is – well, virtually non-existent. We do have buses, but they only run a few times a day, and mainly between town and the outer suburbs during the day.

At present, popular ride-sharing apps (Uber, etc) aren’t operaring in Albany/Kinjarling. But we do have a couple of taxi services, and there are car-hire services available.

Obviously, this is something you’ll have to factor in – particularly if you’ve travelled to Albany/Kinjarling by coach or plane, and if your accomodation is out of the city centre, and/or you’re planning to have a couple of drinks at some of our events. However, if you get talking to other attendees at our events, you’ll probably find someone who is going home in your direction and would be happy to split the taxi bill with you!

What accomodation is available in Albany/Kinjarling?

There are hotels, holiday apartments/homes, bed and breakfasts, caravan parks, etc. available in Albany/Kinjarling, many of which are close to the city centre (which, if you’re not driving, is important – see below).

One such recommendation is the newly-opened Hilton Garden Inn on the waterfront, right on the doorstep of the city centre. The Hilton Garden Inn and Albany Pride have been working together to establish a partnership for the Albany Pride Festival, and we’re delighted with Hilton’s ongoing commitment to be a Queer-friendly venue all year round, exercising best practice when it comes to LGBTQIA+ inclusion and support at all levels. Please keep your eyes peeled on this page for further information!

At present, we’re not able to compile a list of other accommodation providers that value themselves on being Queer friendly, but we’ve also not come across any who are hostile to LGBTQIA+ people. If you do know or come across any, please let us know via our Facebook page or email.

Doesn’t ir rain a lot in Albany/Kinjarling? Isn’t it cold?

For the most part of the year, yes. Indeed, Kinjarling is thought to translate in the Noongar language to place of rain! But the Albany Pride Festival takes place during the Noongar season of Bunuru – described as the hottest time of the year. So you can be in Albany for the warmest part of the year, with temperatures around 25°C, and only a few millimetres of rain on average than you’ll get in Perth.

So yes, it’s a bit cooler than you’d typically experience in Perth, but you might enjoy a slight bit of relief from the dry heat experience there at that time of year. Plus, all this rain makes for our very stunning scenery: we can boast luscious greenery, and plenty of rainbows (both of the Pride and meteorological variety) – they don’t call us the rainbow coast for nothing!

But to be on the safe side, you may want to a pack a coat or a jumper. The weather can still be unpredictable, and the wind can sometimes be cold, particularly if the sun disappears behind a cloud – even in Bunuru.