After Dark Closing Party | Albany Pride Festival 2022 | February 18th - 27th 2022
After Dark Closing Party
26th February @ 9:00pm
PRICE: $10
Six Degrees


You laughed, you dined, you bingoed, you sailed, you run, you walked, you played, you sang, you marvelled: now it’s time for you to… rave!

Inspired by the electrifying moves of “Circus after Dark”, Albany Pride’s creatures of the night will carry on partying in whirlwind of music (provided by DJ Emma), dance, and more for the final night of the festival.

This event is restricted to people aged 18 years and over!
This is most likely because it's in a licensed venue, or because alcohol will be available.

Venue Information

Six Degrees

Thu 24 Feb 3:00 pm
Sun 20 Feb 12:00 pm
Fri 18 Feb 6:00 pm